CONTRACTING PARTNERSHIPS:"Essence Of Partnership is Mutual Benefits"


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Our Company advocates utmost professionalism, credibility and reliability in everything we do as expressed in the conduct of all our business shown in the excellence of our services. These intentions are reflected in the continued satisfaction and patronage of our partners and seen in the cordial and professional contractor-owner relationship that we perpetually try to establish.

Small & Large Building


Our Company has gained the competence and experience through engaging various large-scale projects over the years. Since quality is our primary concern, we undertake all our activities with client satisfaction, timely completion, superior quality and consistent results as priorities.

Perfect Plans & Projecting


We will establish and maintain a reputation as a responsible partner of the clients we serve, to provide the desired product from the standpoint of quality and value. To uphold our commitment to our partners and ensure that they receive the service they deserve, the company undergoes continuous improvements in terms of our operations, our facilities, our systems, our knowledge and also ourselves.

Energy Repair


We are prepared to conduct an endless battle against all forms of waste and inefficiency as we are resolved that no cost or expense will be incurred it yields its full measure of value in return.

Roads & Paths


Our Workforce are exceptionally motivated, empowered and impassioned. In the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the working environment, all members of the team undergo continuous training and development at all levels.

The team consistently maintains the highest standards of professionalism with genuine concern for the needs of our partners and the absolute satisfaction of our clients by exceeding thier expectations.

About Us and Our Priorities

We provide services nationwide for the needs of our clients in industrial applications. Our clients are our priority, and we make sure that we meet their needs on time every time. We have the right equipment for every projects we make. Our company's aim is to give full satisfaction to the needs of our customers by giving quality services. We treat all our customers as the most important persons in our company and we value every single transaction we may have with every customer. Try to explore our website more and feel free to contact us for more information.


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Good Planning


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Who we are

Golden Horse Construction Service was created in 2004 to address the small-to-medium scale construction projects in Cebu.

For almost a decade, Golden Horse Construction Service has been a dependable service provider to its subsidiary company in mining. As a private in-house contractor for Golden Horse Group of Businesses, Golden Horse Construction Service has helped build numerous company-owned and non-company-owned projects. Golden Horse is also now developing one subdivision housing development and one condominium project